Sunrise, sunset and hour routine


I have a question, a sample one. If i want to light up at the sunset but i need to close the light at a fix hour. Is it possible and if yes how?
I guess i will need 2 routines.

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Easiest method is to use two Routines. One to turn it on, another to turn it off. If you open the device tile in the ST app, tap on Routines in the Lower Menu and use both the “power on” and the “power off” individual options and set your times. I would skip using the “power on and off” option (you can use it but might have issues in certain circumstances).

When you use them, it creates two Routines that will show in the Automations section.

There is another option to use Smart lighting add on but it tends to have sunset/sunrise issues for some users.


Thank you JKP, another question, if i want to open a lignt but with 2 conditions, like a fix time and a sunrise because depending of the season the sun rise earlier or later.
Thank you in advance.

so many methods available and I am sure others will post other great options for you to choose from. You will probably need two separate Routines for the starting time (if using Routines and depends on # of seasons needed).

  • use the Edge driver - virtual Calendar MC - that will add some capabilities to your Routines - may not be everything you want
  • use preconditions in your Routines to define the season’s time frame (depending on how you set up the Routine)
  • use Virtual devices - use vEdge Creator
  • a third party option - SharpTools (free edition and paid version for more complex rules)
  • Rules API in CLI perhaps but others can provide you with details on it

There is always a solution… I listed a few. Others will chime in and offer you even more options for you to consider

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Wow sounds like i will need a programmer training :wink:, thank you i will work o that in the next week.

I use a TAUSTIN/vEdge switch with timer. Turn it on in my “Good Morning” automation and use it as a trigger for the “Morning Lights Off” automation (below, note that it runs local as well).

Hope this helps.


You don’t really need pre-conditions. Just create an on routine and an off routine.

The problem is the sunrise is different during the year, in winter tim the susrise at 7:30 am as an example and during the summer the sunrise at 5:30 am as an example, wedon t have a OR condition only a IF condition. As an example the morning i need to open the kitchen loghts at 6:30 am in winter time but of course in summer time the sun is already there at 6:30 so i don t need to open the light.

Thank you for you help.

Sorry, I misunderstood your issue.
I think the easiest solution is a virtual switch (call it “sun up”) that goes on at sunrise and off at sunset every day.
Then you add a simple routine that says at 6:30AM look at the sun up switch and turn your lights on if the switch is off.


You may want to check out the Virtual Calendar that is offered from the Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc Edge driver from @Mariano_Colmenarejo . It may be able to help.

Link to version with Edge Driver Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc (virtual Switch Mirror, virtual Switch Board, Text and Number Fields)

Link to version with Virtual Calendar

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Ok i don t know if it s works like that but like you can see on the screenshot, 6:00 am week days or
equal or 10 minutes before sunrise open the light.