What’s the magic to get events triggered with sunrise/sunset? I’m not a developer, just a user.

This used to work great and now doesn’t work at all forcing me to go back to fixed times.


Report it to so they can get a sense of how widespread the problem is.

Once it fails, it will continue to fail until you go in and change something on that rule. This is annoying, but it’s the only way to restart the scheduler.

This appears to be a capacity issue–too many people asking the cloud to do something at the same time. It may help to use the offset of a few minutes before sunset.

The main thing, though, is that you have to do the change to get it back on the schedule. The change can be anything at all, so trying a different offset is usually the easiest.

(Keith Croshaw) #3

Ditto on mobile presence. I let support know. It was working great, now not at all…


I’m using the “turn on using a schedule” app for turning on at sunset but I don’t see an offset. I’ll try switching back to sunrise/sunset after recently changing the trigger to fixed times to see if it helps.


Ok, that’s probably through shortcut groups. Offsets are available through Hello Home Actions.

But any change should get it started again. :blush:

(Bruce) #6

All you have to do is delete whatever it was, and put it in again.

(Jared) #7

Mode Magic is a great sunset/sunrise offset app.