Suggestions Needed - Bathroom Motion

I have our bathroom lights on a motion sensor set to go off after 2 minutes of no motion. Most of the time this is sufficient. Showering or bathing adds a whole new problem since the motion sensor doesn’t detect as far as the tub. If I turn the sensor corner- wise, then the lights are delayed coming one when entering the room. Our current work-around is manually adjusting the time. There has to be a better way! The room is about 7’ wide by 12’, door on one narrow end and tub on the other. I have the motion sensor set so the beam is broken on entering. The door enters off the hall so placing the motion facing out the door would result in the lights unnecessarily being triggered. Any suggestions?

Use a multi-sensor that monitors humidity and create (or find someone who has) a smart app to watch for motion and/or humidity level. Your shower or bath tub full of hot water should elevate the humidity sufficiently to signal presence. I don’t speak from experience, tho!

I will try that. Thanks!

I run into this same problem with our showers. I normally have to wave my hand out of shower door like I’m trying swat a pesky fly. I did have the humidity setup in our guest bath, but the multi sensor reads high, so I shut it off. My work around was to just up the amount of time, like 7 minutes I think is sufficient. Now, that being said, I keep the bathroom downstairs set to a lower amount of time, it tends to force kids out a really long shower, wasting water.

Also, I have a Morning! mode for this reason as well, and that’s set to the longer time (for showers specifically). It also turns on the outlet my wife uses for her hair crap. It then shuts this outlet off when out of Morning mode, so she doesn’t burn the place down. Hello! mode is set to 3 minutes, and Night mode, in our master bath, is set to turn the lights on at 10 percent, as to not blast your eyeballs in the middle of the night.

TL/DR, Set up a morning mode for showers, set to a longer time, and use the normal Home modes to set to the shorter times.

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