Suggestions for my new house :)


I just bought a house in the EU (Ireland) and I am willing to make the house smart. So I a a little new to the whole thing but being in IT for over 20 years I feel like I am a quick learner.

Just wondering what you guys thing about my set-up so far:

  • Pro (the new HD version): I am asking the builders to install a 24VAC chime so I can make Ring work with it.

  • Samsung SmartThings (2nd gen).

  • Nest Thermostat: I understand that Nest is not directly z-wave compatible but I’ve been reading a lot of articles about people doing hybrids without any major issues.

  • Smart Lock: Now, someone yesterday left the door unlocked and without the home alarm, so that makes me want to get a smart lock for our new home as well! Any thoughts on the Danalock V3?

Which reminds me… I am also thinking of getting a ‘smart’ alarm in the house. That is, some alarm provider that has their devices working with the z-wave protocol. I don’t think I will get any cameras beyond alarm cameras (those alarm sensors that have cameras built-in). So the idea is that the cameras are solely for intrusion monitoring – not for constant big brother in the house.

Basically I want to make the house as smart and friendly as possible. So any suggestions around other stuff is appreciated.

I thought of getting some smart smoke detector/alarms. Any thoughts on these? I considered the Nest but perhaps something that is z-wave compatible would provide me with more integration options? Here is the deal, though: Due to EU regulations all of the detectors must talk to one another. So whichever brand I get, I must get all of them at once. I could say ‘the hell with it’ and just replace one by one but in the unlikely event there is a fire… Insurance could destroy me if the smoke detectors were non-compliant.

Concerning security, I do have a good decent background in networking (I no longer do that but in fairness nothing much has changed in the world of TCP/IP, right?) – so I am wondering about best practices. Perhaps the IoT devices should be in a separate subnet? I am open to suggestions :slight_smile: