Seeking Unbiased Advice, All Opinions Welcome

With all the new technology coming out all the time, I constantly am thinking about my home automation/security system. I’ve just upgraded from the Ring doorbell to Nest, and am very happy with the upgrade(much better functionality). I am looking for some suggestions based on what I currently have:

  • SmartThings Hub with SmartThings contact and motion sensors throughout the house with the motion automating lights turning on(lights don’t always turn on when expected).
  • Phillips Dimmable Smart Light Bulbs
  • 2 Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolts
  • 2 Honeywell Wifi Thermostats (Functionality is average within SmartThings app, good in Honeywell app)
  • 2 SmartThings Indoor Cameras(functionality is poor within SmartThings app, average within the camera app)
  • Google Home Mini’s and Chromecasts throughout the house
  • Nest Hello doorbell (Haven’t tested within SmartThings app, works great in Nest app, good with Google integration)

With this smorgasbord of devices, I would like for everything to work better with one another. Granted, I love the SmartThings system but it seems like everything “just barely” works within it and nothing works “extremely well” within the app/system. So I am asking if anyone has any suggestions based on my devices for perhaps some changes to the system. I don’t mind buying new devices on a different system, but would like to not have to “change it up” like this down the line but just to keep expanding. Maybe I can do it all with SmartThings, I don’t know… hence me asking this here. My priorities are as follows:

  1. Everything working within one app(ideally)
  2. The devices working with one another as smoothly and efficiently as possible
  3. Voice control through Google throughout the house would be great

Thank you in advance for any opinions or feedback anyone can offer!