Suggestions for IR-remote edge device configuration

As a hobby project I’ve been hacking an edge driver to drive a Broadlink IR remote - an RM Mini 3. In principal I can get SmartThings to discover the Broadlink device, and send a hardcoded remote code. However making this into a usable remote control with configurable buttons is trickier.

Does anyone have suggestions or examples of edge drivers for devices similar to this?

The aim would be for the user to be able to add one or more ‘buttons’ to the IR remote after it’s discovered, and set the name and remote-code-sent for each.

The Broadlink devices don’t have any onboard settings or UI - they don’t remember remote codes, so these can’t be discovered. The ir-remote can but put into ‘learn’ mode, to read a single button-push from a real remote control (this data has to be read back by a client), or other software sometimes allows codes to be entered via blobs of hex if you already know the right value.

Reading around this board, I’m vaguely thinking it’d need to have the IR-remote as a parent device, and somehow create child device(s) for each button as the user configures them somehow? I’m not clear if it’d be posible to fit ‘adding a button’ into the config option dialog for a device, as I don’t think there’s any interactivity possible?