Suggestions for a kids room wake up light

Backstory here: My 3 year old daughter gets up in the middle of the night and wakes my wife and I up all the time, ALL THE TIME. We have had some success with putting in an “OK to Wake” light that turns on when it is an acceptable time to get up. However, she is a destroyer so naturally this thing didn’t last a month. (

I want to put a light in her room that I can control with ST and setup a SmartApp that will turn the light on at an approved time.

I need suggestions on how to best do this. Criteria are:
Light needs to be wall mounted (so she cant destroy it)
Would prefer for it to be wireless, battery powered. (So she cant unplug it)
Needs to connect to ST (So I can control it)
Would like it to be kid like (think a moon, or flower or something like that)

Why don’t I just put some connected bulb in the room light? Good question, because she has access to the light switch.

If you have a plug you could use, the HSM 200 is often used as a night light and you can programmatically change the colors so it also makes a good indicator light. You might be able to put it into a Outlet and Then put a clear plastic project box over the entire light and outlet to protect it if you think she would pull it out of the wall. Just choose one that’s ventilated so it doesn’t overheat. Open parentheses a “project box” is used for electrical projects. You can typically get them at Amazon, Home Depot, or any electrical supply store.)

I believe it has a choice of 8 colors all together. There is community code for it and several community members using it.

It would also be really easy to add daisy petals around this if you want to make it more decorative. :cherry_blossom:

If it absolutely has to be battery powered, you can get a standard battery pack and plug it into that, but to be honest it would probably be cheaper and easier just to have an electrician add an additional outlet higher up on the wall. Since I’m in a wheelchair, I’ve done this in several rooms, and some older people do it as well so they don’t have to bend down so low. :sunglasses:

Discussion thread:


I have a light in the closet and that’s also the NightLight for my daughter. She’s not allow to get up until that light is off. It’s connected to a smart switch.
The other thing you could do is also get a light switch guard. You will probably have to use it maybe 2 weeks max before she understands.

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Ray’s post reminded me of my brother’s solution for his son who was hyperactive and would do a Tasmanian Devil routine on his whole room when he got bored. :smiling_imp:

My brother got slatted doors for the closet and used the light inside there as the night light, but kept the closet doors bolted so the boy couldn’t get in there unsupervised.

These days it would be easy to make that light a color changing smart bulb. The child would have no access to the closet light switch, but could still have access to the bedroom light switch. :sunglasses: :bulb:

We also user her closet light as a night light but there is a switch on the wall for it. She would just turn it off and come out saying her light was out. I will think a bit more about how I might be able to use the closet light.

These kids are too smart for their own good.

What about a hue bloom high up, you can even get them which look like mini mouse. That way it could be a night light and turn a different colour when she’s allowed to get up. That way if she turns it off she won’t be any better off.


That one’s easy. :sunglasses: Put a child lock on the closet light switch.