Kids light off overnight

I would like to have the light in my son’s room off overnight. He’s 3 and likes to turn it on after he goes to bed, it keeps him up, etc. Ideally I’d like it off from say 8pm-6am, and of course controllable remotely.

It seems like every smart switch and bulb can be overridden at the physical switch from what I can tell. I don’t have any today. Is there any configuration that gets around this?

I’ve got SmartThings already.


If you get a WeMo light switch and replace the physical switch, then make sure that it’s off periodically.

What about childproof switch covers?

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I was hoping for something “smarter”, but that might be the only option. Hopefully he’ll just grow out of it soon…

Have an alert happen when he turns the smart switch on. You come in there a few times and he figures out you know exactly when he does it, it will stop.

You could use a smart bulb, as well as a smart switch that isn’t actually connected to the load wire, just hot and neutral. Then you would create a SmartThings automation to turn on/off the smart bulb when the switch is toggled. You could set that automation to be disabled between certain hours. The downside there is that you would have no control over the bulb at all if your internet connection or the ST cloud is down.

Sometimes lo-tech is smarter :slightly_smiling_face:

Phillips Hue bulb with their smart switch might be a decent option for you. Every one of my lights have these in them. You could use webCoRE to program it to turn off everyday at 8pm (IFTTT would be just as easy if you didn’t want to go through adding webCoRE to SmartThings)

The part that would be helpful using this in your situation would be that the light switch is magnetically connecting to the base. Meaning you could remove it at night at he couldn’t turn the light back one. The switch still works remotely.

I prefer the $30 bulbs because you can change the light intensity. The $15 bulbs are just warm white but still perfectly acceptable for a bedroom.

The downside is unless you only needed one bulb you’d have to buy the hub as well.

Best Buy links:
Starter Kit with warm white bulbs - $70
Switch - $25

1 bulb setup:
Bulb & Switch - $35

I tackled the same issue by introducing virtual dimmer into my setup. All my routines, smart apps and webcore only go through this virtual layer. In the device handler of virtual dimmer, I added an extra button to disable the dimmer. So, any event to trigger the dimmer will be ignored after dimmer is disabled.

I also have a physical button to disable/enable this virtual dimmer via webcore. Also this button is the only device to have direct access to bulbs. Essentially, this becomes the manual switch. Click to disable/enabl dimmer and press to turn on/off light.

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I do this with my porch lights as my family would turn them on and leave them on.

I use webCoRE with a simple rule.

If time is between “X” and "Y"
And Porch Light Changes to On
Then using Porch Light Turn Off

Thanks guys, I ended up getting the Philips hub & 4 white bulb deal from amazon on BF. I also picked up a GE smart switch that I may use for this or other purposes. I have yet to set either of these up.

I think the rule that @rontalley mentions will be the most logical here.

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Pro Tip:

I would also use an override just in case the light needed to be turned on.

Create Virtual Switch~Bedroom Automation

With the same rule

If time is between “X” and “Y”
Porch Light Changes to On
Bedroom Automation is ON
Then using Porch Light Turn Off

This way you can turn off the Bedroom Automation Switch and then the light would work normally.

I have an Automation Switch for every room and I put that option in most of my rules. Makes it really handy to turn off the automation in just one room.

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I like that addition of the virtual switch that can disable other automations. Helps keep other people in the house that aren’t as interested (obsessed?) with home automation from having to deal with as much if they’d prefer to just shut off some automations and change stuff manually at some point.

I only recently got into WebCoRE and I’m really not great with a lot of this kind of logic. Does it matter whether the condition or trigger comes first in the IF statement?

I typically put it in the if statements. However, if it’s a long Piston, I put it in the master restriction. That way, it disables the entire Piston.