Suggestion please - Bright White GU10

Suggestion please - Bright White GU10

Tried the tradfri bulbs from ikea but are too dull - any auggestions?

A standard dumb gu10 is a 50W bulb, with a brightness of 300 - 400 lm. And all of the big smart bulb manufacturers appear to be in that same range. IKEA is actually the brightest of the group. :disappointed_relieved::candle:

IKEA: 400 lm
LIFX 400 lm
Osram/Sylvania: 350 lm
Philips Hue: 300 lm

Contrast that to a value of 800 or more for the screw-ins, but then those are intended as replacements for 60W or 75W dumb bulbs. So I’m not sure you will find anything brighter than the IKEA.

Can you use a socket adapter?