Suggestion: New forum subcategory for “Writing Edge Device Drivers”

Can we get a new forum subcategory for “writing edge device drivers”? There’s a lot of good stuff being posted in the last week, and if it just goes in the top level developers section, I’m afraid no one will ever be able to find it again. And if it gets combined with “writing device types“ I think people new to the system are going to be really confused because so much of the old DTH information will be completely out of date. But at the same time it’s still useful right now.

So can we get a new subcategory? :sunglasses: (and maybe for clarity rename “writing device types“ to “writing groovy device types“.)


This is a good idea. Particularly since a couple of the threads with examples in them are locked from comments that would keep them at the top.

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@Aaron has added the new subcategory. :tada: