Question: New Forum Subcategory for Community-Created Edge Drivers?

Do we need a new form subcategory for “community-created edge Drivers”? Or should they just go in the existing “community-created device type handlers“?

I can see arguments both ways. :thinking:


I vote for community created edge drivers, a new sub category


Yes. I think so, @JDRoberts :smiley:

Reason - Yes, while they both technically serve the same ‘niche,’ at sometime in the future (when Groovy goes away) we’ll want to cast off all of the old knowledge relating to DTH;s and Groovy and Smartlighting and WebCoRE and the like. If we continue to use the same forum subcategories, none will be able to be pruned easily while creating a new category allows forum admins to prune off entire chunks of the forum as ‘deprecated’ at once.


I think a new sub-category for the Community Created Edge Drivers, together with a renaming of the existing one to include ‘Handlers (DTH)’ and possibly ‘Groovy’ though that might make it too wordy.