Suggestion needed for ventilation system relay switch

We recently had a home built, and the HVAC system included a Honeywell Y8150 fresh air ventilation system that will pull outside air inside. A pretty critical thing with spray foam insulation. The only thing is that I have to go up to my attic where the system is to manually turn it on. And you don’t want to keep it on all the time–especially when the outdoor humidity is higher than you’d want in the house. The unit can be wired for a “remote”, but I’m not versed enough in electrical “stuff” to know what I might need to pull this off with a relay switch that ST can control. From the manual, there are two wiring terminals labeled “Remote” that are:

24 Vac powered contacts allow a remote switch closure to call for ventilation

And the included wiring diagram:

I’m not interested in a manual physical switch wired somewhere either. I’d like ST to automate it based on the temp/humidity from my Aeon Multisensor. Can someone more knowledgeable suggest how I can pull this off? I’ve seen mention of the Remotec ZFM-80 for other similar applications, but don’t talk the talk well enough to know if this will work for me. And I came across the Zooz Z-Wave Plus S2 MultiRelay ZEN16 on Amazon, but also don’t know if it would work. As always, thanks in advance.

I did the same thing, but to turn on my furnace humidifier. Take a look here: Smart Furnace Humidifier Control

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Thanks, @KenW48360. I see that you used the LINEAR FS20Z-1. Was that because it was powered off of 120vac mains; so you could just direct wire it into a junction box? I guess I’m a bit confused if the LINEAR FS20Z-1, Remotec ZFM-80, and Zooz ZEN16 are all capable of my 24vac application? And would it be as simple as wiring jumpers from the two “Remote” terminals to the relay terminals?

Yes. The linear let me split the 120VAC power source from the 24VAC signal. I would hook the signal side to your remote terminals and that should do it. I wanted the 120VAC relay so I didn’t need to worry about batteries. It isn’t in the most accessible location. I ultimately ended up with an Iris iL07_1 motion sensor to use as a humidity sensor. It is very reliable, unlike the Xiaomi Zigbee one I started with. I got it cheap off ebay ($12).

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@rwhapham You can definitely use the Zooz MultiRelay here to control your device remotely. You may need a Z-Wave repeater along the way depending how strong your mesh network is though so keep that in mind if you run into any issues with inclusion or wireless control.

Zooz is our in-house brand so feel free to reach out to us with any questions. If you need help with the wiring or programming, just send us your order number and we’ll create custom instructions for you!

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Thanks, @TheSmartestHouse. I decided to go with the Zooz MultiRelay because I liked the flexibility of plugging it in wherever vs. hardwiring. And that it can do three relays–gives me some headroom just in case I need control over something else. I’ll report back my install experience, but I’m expecting it’ll be pretty straightforward.

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Great to hear, and we’re looking forward to the results!

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As hoped, installation could not have been easier. It took me all of 10 minutes, and most of that was because I had to do some wire routing from my HVAC ventilation control panel to the location of the relay. Pairing went without issue, even with the MultiRelay in the attic above the second story, when my hub is in a closet on the first story. Everything just worked. I will say, though, that I can see why some choose hardwired solutions. Given that the unit is in the attic where I don’t care about things being exposed, the MultiRelay is a “clean enough” solution that fit the bill perfectly. Had this been in an actual room in the house, it would have been more difficult to hide from sight. But I’m pleased with the results.


Great to hear! And agreed about the form factor. This device was created with particular installation applications in mind, most of which include equipment located out of sight like in basements, garage, attics, utility rooms, etc.

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@rwhapham I am looking at a similar solution for Y8150. What kind of power source did you use with Zooz Multirelay.

I just used the one they recommended with it. Mostly because I didn’t have a suitable one laying around already, and it was relatively inexpensive. I used

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@rwhapham Thank you for quick response. I have ordered one and will post my updates once it’s setup.

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I have used this device to automate multiple Honeywell Ventilation system controls. It seems work well and it was fairly easy to setup.

Few things to note are that it needs a custom Smartthings handler for all of the functions to be available. Only concern is that it’s max rated temperature is 40 degrees centigrade and it gets very hot in the attic.