Suggestion for SmartThings Forum

Maybe there should be a way of filtering out posts/solutions for pre-edge institution? When searching for solutions, most results that appear are solutions using the old groovy method which are basically useless now…

You can add filters to the searches directly in the search box, like “whatever after:2023-03-01”. I don’t know the exact sunset date of groovy but must be around there.


It can definitely be a confusing time! As @mocelet mentioned, you can already filter by date, and anything from September 1, 2023 onwards should be talking about the new architecture.

We have also individually tagged some threads. community created code threads will be marked [OBSOLETE] or [NEEDS UPDATING] If they are based on the old groovy platform. And [EDGE] or “aftergroovy” if they are specifically for the new platform.

As far as individual posts, not much we can do there. For example, it might be a thread talking about a specific motion sensor which worked on the old platform and still works on the new platform, but with an edge driver. The older posts aren’t necessarily irrelevant if they’re talking about the device features.

Also, there were specific requests from A number of community members that we leave up some of the threads that are now tagged obsolete because they included important information like parameter values for those trying to write new edge drivers.

So here we are. We’re all of us still trying to get used to that transition. But I think the date is the most helpful for now.