Suggestion for in-wall control pads

I have a bunch of useless light switches in my house, usually in 2-gang or 3-gang boxes. I’d love to swap those out with some sort of control panel that would be usable with SmartThings. I have seen the stick-on control pads that you can put on the wall, but I’m really looking for an in-box control pad.

I have a Hue hub as well as SmartThings with a z-wave network.

Are you looking for a visual control via programmable screen (for ActionTiles or alternative) or a set of buttons?

Lots of options already here:


Folks are very excited about Brilliant; but it is unproven both from a tech and business model perspective (pretty expensive, and they haven’t gone through the growing pains like the 5 years that SmartThings has had).

Over the next decade, more touchscreens, of various features, in place of physical switches are likely to become available.

But for the price of Brilliant, a decent tablet mounted at/on/around your switch offers a lot of power and flexibility.

Just a fast update on brilliant controls. I have two of them in my house and absolutely love them. It integrates 100% SmartThings, Nest Thermostat, ring doorbell, Sonos oh, and a couple other items. Even Philips Hue. They still have some more to go like the rest of the nest products but it is quite amazing how I’m controlling everything from one brilliant controller. I have a little trouble in the beginning setting up SmartThings but that was my error not theirs, I never went on SmartThings app and applied LOL brilliant is doing a really great job but the only drawback is that it’s in black and white. There’s another company that’s coming out that we’ll have a color option and that supposedly integrate with anything and everything. Its calls I’m watching this company very carefully and seeing if they can do what brilliant is done and come to Market. Also I just backed a new company for an automated sliding glass door opener and closer. It’s really neat when I can let my dogs out from the comfort of my bedroom or if I’m out abroad

The likelihood that consumers will ever receive these products is exceedingly low. Atmos has a trivial amount of funding (even with a recent VC injection), and hardware (especially mechanical hardware) is extremely challenging to produce. Just ask our resident engineer, @JDRoberts.


Since I’m quadriparetic, I pay very close attention to most of the automatic door opener options.

Most of the kickstarter type projects just don’t have any understanding of the safety issues that are involved in automatic doors so I don’t know if any of those that have actually made it to market.

But there are a couple of existing ones that you can buy and some are not too bad in cost.

I know @anon36505037 put some in for his mother’s house (she’s also a wheelchair user) See the discussion in the following thread:

Separately, there are also a couple of different options for automated dog doors. You can find those by checking the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, looking down towards the bottom of the page for the project report section, and then choosing either the animals or the pets list.

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