Best multi switch wall remote or panel? (Aus 🇦🇺)

I want a manual control option for family and visitors to use the pool/spa, garden lights which are all automated with kasa plugs & a shelly1.
I just bought the Aeotec Wallmote Quad and can now see its unsuitable in many ways for this function.

The device
I can see it’s pretty old, released earlier than 2017 it seems but not many other options for a multi switch, it has the 8 control options that I need, the nanomote another option but a bit small for a wall switch.
a) Just 3 month battery life, wish I saw this before buying, that’s appalling for a smart switch, hard to permanently wire too but not impossible.
b) You can’t see from the switch when something is left on, no physical switch position or light, realise I really need this for pool/spa equipment.
c) poor integration to smartthings, manual handler install, battery life not working, stuck on 0, does not inspire confidence in its reliability.

Using a switch
I guess I could use a set of single physical (as in a switch you move to on or off position) smart switches but takes too much space, would not look great unless anyone knows a small model that you can group neatly.

No one seems to be using these multi wall switches much at all, so thinking maybe there is a better approach. What are people using for such multi Smart Control, are panels the way to go?

I think there are HomeKit panels and the sonoff nspanel looks like a better way to address the need for a multi switch which controls hue/smartthings

Any ideas on this much appreciated.

Sounds like an interesting project! :sunglasses:

There are lots of different approaches.

First, we do need to know what country you are in, as the device selection does vary.

I’m going to assume you have a Smartthings/Aeotec hub, since you were able to successfully connect the Walmote.

OK, as far as panels go, there are two third-party apps, which will run on just about any browser, so you can put them on a tablet or an expensive Wi-Fi phone of your choice. Both are very popular in the community. They have somewhat different features and different business models, but both have a free trial so you can check them out.

They will display “tiles” that you can use to control devices or activate scenes, or change modes, just like you do in the smartthings app. But they are highly customizable, so you can change the look to be what you want.

You can find lots of discussions in the forum about both of these.

Sharptools also has a nice visual rules engine, which is very easy to use.

both work well with smartthings. :sunglasses:


And, yes, the tiles on both are actionable: you can tap them to turn a light on and off, etc. The dashboards send the request to your SmartThings account in a way very similar to how the voices assistants work behind-the-scenes. Again, both products are very popular in the community. :sunglasses: :iphone:

So that’s one way to go.

As far as physical buttons that also have an indicator light or position so you can tell when they are on or off, I can think of a couple for the US, but nothing for the UK. So that’s where the region matters.

If you are in North America, zooz (the House brand for the smartest house) has one that might work. It Mainspowered, so no issues with battery life. The company provides the custom edge driver you will need. Each button has a tiny LED so you can use that for your on/off indication.

This has been a popular device in the community. :sunglasses:

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Very interesting, thank you for taking the time to share JD. I am in Australia and use Smartthings/Hue

I am surprised how limited the slick options are after all these years? A panel needs to be super slick, hard wired, super reliable.

  1. Tiles apps look great but the tablets they run on are not suitable to be wall mounted in my view, not elegant with a charging cable sticking out of them. Not very stable either.

  2. The us switch would work well, looks reliable.

I came across the sonoff nspanel, looks like it could do, slick, hard wired, 2 buttons and up to 8 tiles and just around $200, would love to hear from anyone with experience with this or similar for smartthings.