Suggestion for 2x smart switches for heating and hot water scheme? (UK)

Hi all, please bear with me for my first post. In the attached image is my first attempt at updating a conventional electric hot water/heating system in a flat to a SmartThings system. In the scheme I have shown 2x smart switches but I am completely confused regarding what to buy. The two switches will be controlled by the SmartThing hub and they simply switch existing relays open/closed as per the SmartThing hub. I understand I need a Z wave enabled switch but beyond that, I don’t know what will/will not be compatible with the SmartThing hub. The smart switches carry only a low current, they only switch relays, the relays carry the high current. For clarity, the Siemens programmer shown in the scheme could actually be entirely removed, but for now I am setting it to 24x7 ON to supply the smart switches. Anyone care to recommend smart switches please? Are any available that have a manual bypass switch too in case of network failure? Thank you.


There are many many things that will probably work for you but the easiest and most straightforward is probably a couple of these:

They have dry contacts. Another option if you want to be able a manly control them is to just go with a pair of standard GE and off switches and then replace your relays with some RIB relays rated for what you need to do.

Are you in the US or the UK? The devices available vary somewhat.

Ah, sorry. Sure, I’m in the UK. Thanks.

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I use Figaro switches for my bathroom fan.
You can get a Figaro switches with 2 outputs.
It should do the job for you.
If you go for it you will need to download a custom device handler which is very straight forward.
Let me know if you do and I can point you in the right direction.

Thank you. I’ll look in to that.