Suggested improvements for Alexa/Harmony Hub integration

I suggest an improvement in the harmony hub software which allows the user to remove power on off and power toggle options from an activity. For instance currently with the software as it is, I cannot create an activity to change commands via voice command on Alexa. The potential is there since an activity can be made to control basic selection options for other systems such as Roku, I have already created commands to duplicate the functions of up, down, left, right, and select. If the power options were not present at default for any activity involving the TV (Mine is a Vizio Model) than things like selecting input or changing volume would be feasible too.

I’m a little confused. How does SmartThings have anything to do with the Alexa control of your Roku or your TV? Also, can you please give an example of what you mean when you say “remove power on off and power toggle options from an activity”? So, you want less options in the Alexa integration? You don’t want to be able to turn things on or off? Isn’t that kind of the whole point?

I also don’t understand what you mean when you say “I cannot create an activity to change commands via voice on Alexa.” What on earth do you mean? Also, that doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with SmartThings either. It sounds like you want feature for Alexa. Maybe if you restate what you would like to have happen with an example, that would be helpful.

I thought this threat pertained to the harmony hub control and it’s integration and use with the Amazon Echo dot. Modifying the activities of harmony to accomplish remote controls that function as voice commands with Alexa.

No, this is the forum for SmartTthings. Not Harmony or Alexa.

Actually harmony and Logitech devices are also discussed in this forum. I was hoping to attract developer attention from the device creators to make software improvements.

You posted this under devices and integrations. And those devices are discussed in how they relate to SmartThings. Also, I hate to break it to you but SmartThings developers dont monitor this forum, let alone developers from Amazon or Logitech.

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As was mentioned, this forum is operated by Samsung for users of the Samsung smartthings home automation platform. So no one from Amazon or logitech staff is likely to be reading it – – you should use their feedback options to pass along suggestions to them. Harmony devices are discussed in this forum because there is an official SmartThings/Harmony integration, so all the harmony discussions are within that context.

That said, I’m somewhat confused because the official echo/harmony skill already has the ability to change inputs and change volume. I use this all the time.

I suggest you get in touch with Harmony support. I suspect you may find that the features you are looking for already exist. :sunglasses:

I’ll bite…

I have 4 Hubs that I use. 3 out of the four I allow Alexa access through ST, the other one is a direct connect with Alexa.

Saying that, there is a community created app called KuKu Harmony that gives you direct access to your Harmony devices. It runs on my Pi3 and I can create a Virtual Switch for any command that I want without affecting the current activity.

Furthermore, in the Harmon App, there are already options for which devices turn on/off for selected activities…

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KuKu Harmony requires a SmartThings account though, right?

Yes. I see your point.

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