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Willing to test it out for me when it is done?

Sure - that’d be great!

Is anyone looking at this?

Not that I’ve heard of at all.
If I were a coder, I would do it.
Maybe someday if I ever get some coding capabilities downloaded into my brain.

I’m just digging into this…I haven’t coded since college, but I’m looking to make a device handler for the AirScape WHF (Gen 2.0 controls). I’d be willing to test or help (I think I may be over my head to code, but we’ll see! :slight_smile:)

How about a comparison between tado, sensibo and airpatrol - ? Anyone have any differences besides price?

Pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before somewhere, but I recently received my Lockitron Bolt + Bridge and would love to get support for this device on SmartThings.

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The devices I would like to see supported and working on Samsung’s smart hub. Ecobee tstat, Rain machine (irrigation system), zmodo geek doorbell wifi camera, zmodo IP Cam, zwave GE lighting (dimmers, switches), Honeywell devices (sensor, zwave devices). The reason why? In this day an age we are always talking about smart things and how it can make our lives easier, more convenient, etc, I completely agree, however you have so many devices out there with different protocols and such it really makes it hard to have a hub for each and every item. I would love to see all the smart devices have the option to connect to one central hub (not 3), and yes I would understand if for remote access purposes you need to add your passwords to the hub the 1st time of setup, and then from there just have 1 login (the hub- where all the magic happens), I would buy this kind of device in a heartbeat, this would truly be a smart hub. Samsung has very intelligent people there, I believe this is an achievable goal, don’t you?

Is there a DH for Netatmo Welcome Camera ??
Have nobody integrated the Welcome camera into ST?

The possibility to turn on specific lights depending who is coming home.
And make ST+Sonos speak the name for each person that comes home.

Is it possible to make IFTTT trigger an action that can turn on a switch.

Most of the devices on your list are already fully supported in ST. So your request is pretty much void.
Ecobee yes
Honeywell yes
GE switch & Dimmer yes including the just released ZW+
Zmodo yes

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Pentair ScreenLogic for my pool system

I do not seew the Fibaro dimmer 2 (FGD-212) in the list. This dimmer uses z-wave+ protocol.
The dimmer that is in the list is not sold anymore.

Hi there,

Apologies if this has been asked before but, would it be possible to add SALUS IT500 integration into the Smartthings hub?

Many Thanks In Advance

Martin Hoare


I would like to see a I/O hub which will take inputs from wired sensors such as window and door sensors previously used for an existing ADT hard wired system and outputting via z-wave to the smart things hub. It would really only need to do a simple open/closed signal. Would be nice if it had 10 inputs.

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I know this is a really old post, but if you’re still waiting for the Remotec ZXT-310, it’s a great product and I’ve created a DTH for it.

I didn’t implement the database of IR codes because most of the list is for TVs and it doesn’t include codes for any of the devices I own. Another reason I didn’t implement it is that changing the code list number for a channel wipes out all the custom codes learned for that channel and I think those are a lot more important.

Universal remotes are a lot cheaper so instead of trying to implement a fully functional remote I focused on making it usable with SHM and Smart Lighting.

I have done this with the ecolink or Schlage door sensors. I removed the old alarm panel keeping track of which wires went where and attached 1 of the z-wave door sensors to each zone (they have a wired attachment point inside the sensor). Then lined them all up in the box and paired them into Smartthings.
I even removed the 2 keypad panels in the house and replaced them with iPad minis in flush wall mounts that run Action Tiles (formerly Smart Tiles) so that I can still use it as a security panel with the bonus of controlling other items as well. It was a little tricky to power them, but my original alarm power box had an outlet so I plugged in 12v wall transformer in and wired it to the low voltage wiring that went to the keypad panel. At the panel, I soldered the 12v wires to a car lighter USB power plug and plugged the factory iPad USB cable into it and presto! You can do the same with the motion detector wires and power a Aeon 6 way motion sensor (without having to use battery power) if you want to keep that functionality.
It’s a little bit of monkeying around but it works pretty good.

I have had a Beddit 3 for a while now and I’m loving it! I would love to see an integration with SmartThings that would allow me to take advantage of some of the SmartApps I’ve seen that connect with sleep tracking devices. Thanks!

Here’s a link to their API:


Is integration with Bosch’s Home Connect service in the pipeline?

We’ve got a compatible Siemens Dishwasher and Washing Machine we’d like to connect to SmartThings but the production API is only available to commercial partners at the moment.

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Hi Jason,

Check out this solution using a NodeMCU ESP8266. I’ve set this up to reuse all my security sensors and siren. If you want to have 10 devices hooked up, you’ll need to set up 2 ESPs, but that’s not a big deal. (It uses wifi, not Zwave to talk to ST though.)