Subscribe to Humidity and Temperature Events in a SmartApp


I am looking for an smartapp that notify me when Temp or Humidity goes below or above a threshold. I am using an Aeon multisensor 6.
Do I have to define the input as device type and I can subscribe to any event from the device? xxx.temperaturemeasurment, xxx.relativehumiditymeasurment?
or, I can subscribe to both Humidity and Temperature capabilities in one SmartApp?
or, I have 2 create 2 smartapps, one for Tem and another for Hum


I’ve got similar implementation with a basic CoRE piston.

Have u done it against 2 events in same smartapp?

I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve but you can achieve it using CoRE. What is your use case?

My questions are:
Can you subscribe to 2 events in Smartapps?
How to use device.devicetypename capabilities ?

I’m not sure if I understand you correctly (I’m not a coder so perhaps someone else can help) but I’ll try and and answer.

Using something like CoRE you can query/subscribe to any event from the device. So in the example I could modify the CoRE piston to trigger using multiple events from the same device.

In the example of the humidify/temp sensor I could do something like this:

humidity > 67% AND temp > 44 THEN X
humidity > 67% AND temp > 44 THEN Y

Not sure if that helps.