Can I have two temperature capabilities in a single device?

I’m not sure I know how to do this. I want to have two temperatures for a single device (say an indoor/outdoor thermostat or a barbecue probe).

sendEvent seems to only allow me to specify the “temperature” attribute, and not which of the tiles I’m targeting, unless I’ve missed a step. Ideas? In the mean time I’m going to go look at switches as I’d bet there are more samples with multiple switches than multiple temperatures.

I think you want a smart app to do that

Okay - then I’ll stop banging my head on that ;-). I’m using your pattern, was just thinking I could have one device representing the multiple temperature sensors.

You could create a Virtual Device which is updated by a SmartApp with the two Temperatures.

There may or may not be room to display the two temperatures on one Main Tile.

You can create you own attribute and send events to that, but a smartapp is much easier. If you really want to do it in a single device, check out my thinkingcleaner device.

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check out my version of the total comfort api device type for Honeywell. it had indoor temp readings… I added the event handler and tile for outdoor… and a custom attr. you would do the same thing