Stuff for sale

Business needs have forced me to make room for additional workspace. I’m clearing out a storage building and while most of the items that are no longer required and will end up on EBay (he says as he dreads the necessary photography and listing descriptions and all the associated hassles) I wanted to thin the heard as much as possible before diving into this adventure so I figured some of the items would be of interest to the ST community and accordingly …

If anyone is intereted in the Mprinter (check the KS campaign page or goofpgle it up to hit their retail website) I have a new, used 1 time to prove it works genuine (and apparently and unfortunately for many KS backers somewhat unavailable ). for sale. I backed the project early, finally hit the printer and have absolutely no need or desire for it. Cool product - just doesn’t float my boat. They sell them for $129 and I’ll let it go for 90 bucks shipped insured to your doorstep.

Almost anything x-10 in substantial quantities - tell me what you need and we’ll figure out a fair price.

Almost anything Insteon - as above, tell me what you need. I know I have at least one and probably more PLM’s. (I do have some interested people on the Insteon stuff so it may all go quickly as a bulk sale - I’m just waiting to hear back from the person. But hey, let me know what you want.

I have a bunch if z-wave thermostats - waiting to inventory which models they are. I also have some of the Honeywell wire saver modules (let’s you use a 4 wire setup (no C wire scenarios) so you don’t have to pull a new wire or use a 48vac transformer and figs that wire up the wall. 5 inputs at the HVAC side, 4 out to the t-stat. Actually, pretty cool device.

Complete DSC security system hybrid wired/wireless, multiple keypads, sounders, tons of accessories including the serial IT100 module and the GSM cellular communicator. Everything new and unused. If you’re really interested I’ll put together a complete inventory of what’s included. Again, brand new, never installed, a whole box of goodies - great security system and easily expanded. Will sell the whole system for 75% of the retail cost any include free shipping and insurance.

Aeon plug in repeater, PnP after pairing. Bought 2, use 1 $30 bucks shipped.

Everything via Paypal. PM me if interested in anything listed. I also have a lot of Arduino shields (various types) and ZigBee radios (various types, models, power output and antenna style - these need to be inventoried and tested but most if it is unused - it may take a week before I can get all that inventoried and see what I don’t anticipate having need for so just let me know if you might be interested and I’ll email a list once its ready. All the other stuff is good to go right away.

Lastly, a few Hakko soldering stations and a few oscillicpscooes and frequency counters - again, need to assess what I anticipate needing but as I said, let me know if you want to be notified when I figure it out and I’ll get back to you on what/condition/pricing. Anything that doesn’t sell to the ST gang will end up on eBay - right now it’s just takiimg up space I need.

Happy hacking.

Any z-wave or zigbee switches/dimmers? What kind of Insteon devices? I’m in the process of building a house, so I would like to put some dimmers in that I can possibly control with SmartThings.

Following this.

Not sure what I can afford to justify & buy… Price list if available?


Update or send me a list of available thermostats if you don’t mind. I need one.

dawgonking [at] gmail

I am interested in a Thermostat. Which do you have? also what insteon products do you have


I’m looking for some zwave light switches or outlets. Any of those available?