String http to https

I have many shelly switch in my house and every switch has the possibility to send one http string (not httpS) when the status change.

You also know that every piston can be called from one httpS string.

This is the problem …

I need to send with shelly one http string that become one httpS string
(the lan is local).

How can I do ?

What do you mean? You are trying to integrate a Shelly device by using webCoRE? I would advice against trying to do that. When the groovy side shuts down you’re going to be SOL. Why not use the native Shelly integration in the new app. Simply add your device directly from the add device menu in the new app.

I use the Shelly integration in the new app for some time, but I need to know shelly’s status and in SmartThing shelly’s status is not correct.
Some people (and me) use one piston to refresh status, but I don’t like this recursive routines …
Recall one piston with one https string would allow me to start the refresh only when the shelly change status …

Is the status correct in the shelly cloud? Because it is a cloud to cloud integration.

Yes, is correct in shelly cloud …

I am not privy to whether the shelly cloud implementation is real-time in both directions (i.e. when a device updates locally, does that get pushed to ST or does ST have to poll for those changes). How long does it take for the device’s status to update in ST if you do nothing at all (don’t refresh manually)?