Strange light issue

ok here is my situation…
I have a dual dimming (2 slides) light switch to control a fan and the 4 associated lights.
Unfortunately it is a good 6 inches behind my 70" sharp tv…
I am not taking the damn thing off the wall to replace it.

So my plan was to get some smart lights (I ordered 4 lightify white lights)
and a wireless battery switch and leave the dimmer at 100%.
The dimmer was already working with led cree bulbs.

Got the lights and the cooper rf9500 switch

so far so good.

I got the switch to pair and can sense the button pushes.
I decided to pair the lights direct to hub so no delays. ( I have the lutron if I need to reset them)

Put in the bulbs and they flicker like a son of a bitch. Interestingly If I add one of the old cree led bulbs with 3 of the lightlfys I am fine. I assume it is because of the dimmer (sfdsdffds)
I instead of putting in 4 lightifys put in 3 and 1 Philips hue… works fine…

Guess I will get one of the Philips lux at home depot tomorrow so I don’t waste a hue.

So is it the dimmer switch and not enough draw?? any ideas.
Anyway at least it is working now…

Anyone know of a smartapp that can dim smoothly up and down 4 separate lights with a button held?