Stop worrying and complaining, start enjoying the smart technology

Anyone freaked out about the great Nest melt down the other day? Here is a good advice for all of you who constantly complain and moan about smart technology: the glass is half full, enjoy the technological advances…


I prefer the middle ground: accepting that outages will occasionally happen, but creating my backup plan in advance so I have critical functions covered one way or another. :sunglasses:


@JDRoberts, Outage??? What Outage??? OHHH those that are cloud dependent…gotcha… :smile:

You need a good plan for when your dog trips over and unplugs the hub’s power cord. Calling support is not it!

I’m with @JDRoberts on this one. I would be naive to think that something that works perfect now will continue to forever.

I watched my Son, standing in arms reached of the “Smart Switch”, yell at Alexa for over a minute, telling her to turn on the lights…He finally got frustrated and just left out of the room. Ok,…so Alexa was being un-cooperative and clearly technology failed “him”.

We can’t be so dependent on “SmartThings” that “we” become “Dumb”…

I called him back into the room and reminded him that the “Switches” actually work with or without the internet.

@HA_fanatic My dog is my automation system!

Joking aside. Yeah everyone needs a backup plan.

Backup of z-wave network - Check
Backup of configuration settings - Check
Backup of automation rules/events - Check
Backup controller - Check
Backup power (UPS) - Check
Backup of Internet (dual LTE modems on a load balancing router) - Check
Manual use of a switch (heaven forbid) - Check


There’s a (serious) thread for that :sunglasses::dog:



Forgot one! Trained dog - Check


@JDRoberts I read that thread. I thought it was great. Service dogs are just awesome!


LOL… awesome… Here’s a compilation…


Yeah, I miss my buddy every day (he died late last year).

It will be a year or two until I have a new partner, so this is a hard time.

Sorry to hear that.