Step to add an z-wave device WD100?

Sorry to be annoying.

I’m suppose to get my device tomorrow. There no really an guide I saw on how to add an an device not supported by ST.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

  1. Install the WD100
  2. go to ( My device handler and create new device handler
  3. put the code from DarwinsDen (thanks for the code), click publish
  4. go to the ST App and click on Marketplace and click Start looking for Things

And that it?


Here are the steps:

The Marketplace doesn’t have an app that supports all the multi-tap capability of the new WD100+. You need to use @JDRoberts guide he gave you above and not only add the new Device Type Handler by Darwin but also a new smartapp like Button Controller Plus or CoRE to take advantage of all the available multi-taps.


I do have the Button controller Plus in my smart APP and both WD100 and WS100 device handler are publish.

sorry i got more question.

for those steps:

DT5) Once the Device Handler is published in your own library, select MY DEVICES in the IDE and choose the specific device you want to have use that new device handler.

DT6) Edit the Device so that it uses that device type handler.

so If I have 2 Dimmer, for STEP DT5, how do I know which one it will control?

example I have:

Display Name Type Location Hub Zigbee Id Device Network Id Status Last Activity
Living Room WD100+ Dimmer Home Home Hub 15000 INACTIVE —
Basement WS100+ Switch Home Home Hub 15002 ACTIVE —

Not sure I fully understand your question but I can try…

Each switch must be edited to take on Darwin’s DTH. You will do it once for each switch.

sorry, what do you mean by edited?

Where do i edited it? in the Device Handler?

Just follow the steps that @JDRoberts outlined in his excellent tutorial. :slight_smile: If you actually do the steps as you read the tutorial it is much more obvious on what to do. Since you haven’t gotten your devices yet…

DT5 says “select MY DEVICES in the IDE and choose the specific device you want to have use that new device handler.” So at this point you should be in the MY DEVICES not MY DEVICE HANDLERS.

So here is a screen capture of the MY DEVICES , and the second column is the Device Type column. After you pair up your WD100+ it will probably have something like “Enhanced Dimmer Switch” in the Type column and you need to edit that to be the custom device handler “WD100+ Dimmer” by @Darwin like you see in my screen capture. So to do that click the name you gave your switch where I highlighted mine in yellow.

That pulls up this screen so you can edit the attributes of the Device itself and the one you want to edit is accessible via the drop down box for TYPE to switch it to “WD100+ Dimmer”. Click the UPDATE button after that .
Then start clapping because you did it.

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thanks. i’ll let you know how the installation goes.