Staying secure with a Window AC unit

So my air conditioning unit is on the Fritz and my AC guy is a little slow on the update to get work done. I’m here in coastal Texas so I have to have air conditioning. How do I keep my windows secure and monitored while I have a window unit in them?

I’ve considered simply moving the magnet side which is what’s mounted on the frame. I’m just concerned that the adhesive will be a problem.

How about mounting an extra magnet so you’re covered for both conditions?

I’ve removed contact sensors without an issue, just use double stick tape or heavier duty VHB or even command strips to remount.

If it’s a reed contact sensor of any brand, the magnet piece is just a magnet in a a pretty case. You can use any magnet at all. A lot of people have two magnets and one sensor on the window so they can have it partly open, like cat height, but still be notified if it moves any more than that. That’s also pretty common for windows with window air conditioners. So basically you have two valid stopping points for the part of the window that moves. So that way you don’t have to have the original magnet at all, just as a second one. Just don’t put the magnet on anything metal or you create a different problem.

You can buy magnets from Amazon or any scientific supply store. Home Depot may also have some, the selection seems to vary from store to store.


Hmmm. I will try one of my leftover Iris 1st gen magnets… Good idea.

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Here’s some more discussion that might be of interest:

Now that just makes my head hurt…

Seriously, long term the windows are getting replaced, but I wasn’t planning on spending the extra to get double hung, mostly because I don’t want the added vulnerability, maintenance, or costI am in a single story home, so no need for the sashes to tilt in for easier cleaning. Just walk outside and slop em with a squeegee and some windex…

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Thanks, the Iris magnet works perfectly!