Status in Sonos with Core?


I want to check if Sonos as a music player is playing at the moment, in core.
In need something like that:
IF Sonos is playing AND routine Good Night was executed
THEN stop playing
Can someone help?

(Greg) #2

If you are saying you want the sonos to stop when goodnight happens, I would suggest turning the sonos off in the goodnight routine itself.


i want to turning the sonos off when the routine goodnight was executed AND the sonos played.
when the sonos did not play i dont want to turn it off with a routine.


is there any option to read the current state?

(Greg) #5

Turning it off when it is off won’t cause any issue. if it is on, it will turn off - if it is off it will remain off.


i reset my complete sonos players. and add the sonos new in smartthings. only as new device.
i start goodbye oder good night and the sonos stop playing. the sonos devices aren´t in any routine.
I do not understand it
can you try the steps?