Starting out

Hi - there is so much good stuff on the forum but all focuses on pushing setups to the next level.

I’ve just bought a range of new ST sensors and hub and setting up for the first time.

I’m struggling to get rules not to conflict with each other and keep getting the system stuck in modes. For example, my automated good morning routine for some reason changes the mode to away. It’s not within the settings of the good morning routine and I can’t work out why.

Is there a set of instructions guides for getting a base system up and running and learning how to build up more and more routines as you add additional kit and come up with new ideas?

Hi and welcome. If you haven’t seen Rule Machine, check it out as it might be the easiest way to deal with making your own automation.

I would try to submit a ticket to support. i’ve seen others having problems with modes getting set by routines, but no real solution other than go into config for that routine and press done to reset it.

Hi thanks.

I guess what I am really after here is a set of guides to help me properly learn how to use each function; I.e. When to use a routine versus a mode etc. How to set and edit and add a mode. The basics of starting from scratch.

Which is basically what I intend to do. Reset all settings and start from fresh. Just looking for some help in learning to do things.

Welcome @Dmoblay I am still getting the hang myself around here but there are plenty of great posts so I suggest keep reading and it will start to make sense. Here is a good thread where modes vs routines are explained. I hope this helps!

The main thing I got from reading the above mentioned thread was the link off of that post to the below link. This is a great example of using modes and routines. Again as mentioned above you could use rule machine as an alternative as well. That’s the great thing about ST many options to do the same things. :+1:t2:

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I’m not sure if this will help or not, but it might be worth a look:

Is there a way of working out what is causing conflicts?

For example, my goodbye routine is set to automatically run when all presence sensors have left. But, it should have just triggered as everyone has been gone for about 30 mins now, but it has t run for some reason.