Starting now.. and need advice

Hi, i just moved in a new apartment and i am starting looking at smart things… and what i understood is that i could you the smartthings hub to control all of them. am i write?

here my list of things i would like to buy and i would like to know if there is a better option or if the devices are supported with smartthings hub

  • Honeywell evohome : is this supported? has someone been able to connect it via api?
    I am renting and i cannot install nest

  • Philips hue, seems to be supported. Better options?

  • Belkin Wemo Home Automation Insight. this is not the the supported product…is this supported?

  • Korner or Notion for the house door. Which one is or will be supported? i have seen some discussion on the forum but i am not sure someone did that already. I have a door where there is no space to attche the “standard” 2 pieces clips.

  • Manythings for video recording. this should not be connected i think.

  • Sonos for audio. other options?

  • Drapery Control. i would like to control something like this

  • Door Lock . Which door lock would you suggest to use with the SmrtThings Hub?

And since i am just starting if there are other nice things i could plug in i would love to know.


This is a good place to start:

Manything / Smartthing:

Sonus Options:

There are LOTS of devices to extend Smartthings use the search button in the upper left hand corner.
This is also a good place to find devices:

thx, these products are not in the list, so not suported?

Honeywell evohome
Belkin Wemo Home Automation Insight.

Korner or Notion

If its not on the compatible device list, it’s not officially supported, but that has not stopped community members from getting LOTS of unsupported devices to work. Thats why i also recommend using the search button in the upper left hand corner. Also, just because ST or some other developer has not gotten a device to work with smartthings does not mean you can’t. The community is always happy to have new people adding new device support. :smile:

what is the procedure i the community created something to control on this devices? what should i do?

Regarding your question about Philips Hue, it depends on what you’re looking for. I have five Philips Hue color bulbs and they work great. I also have four LIFX bulbs which (thanks to the community) also work with SmartThings. The LIFX bulbs don’t need a hub, are brighter, and have a better color output. They are also almost twice the cost per bulb, so in the end I’m going to stick with Philips Hue going forward. It depends on what you’re looking for verses your budget.

Though if you just want to turn a light on or off, there are multiple cheaper options for that. I’m currently planning on replacing some light switches with smart switches. You can turn the lights on//off at the switch, but still control them with your home automation. :slight_smile:

BESTBUY has LIFX color for $59 in store

This explains how to use community-created code:

thx. this i a good starting point