Standard switch with separate motion sensor?

My master closet has a three way switch currently. I want to keep the 3 way but add motion sensing from a motion sensor I can mount up on the wall. I know I can do this with the GE Zwave switch + GE add on switch and a motion sensor. That seems incredibly over complicated to achieve this simple task. It would be almost $100.

Something like this would suffice IF the motion sensor was separate.

Has anyone found a generic motion sensing switch that has an external motion sensor? I did find one from Home depot on sale that was exactly what I needed but it ONLY operates when its pitch black (any ambient light and it doesnt come on). It is intended for front or back doors.

I’m a little confused. Do you want to have these switches connected to your ST hub? The switch you link to has a motion sensor built-in, but no z-wave/zigbee/wifi radio to communicate with a home automation hub. So that’s presumably why it’s cheaper.

Also how big is your closet that you have a three-way switch for it? :grin:

Sorry, yes to clarify, I don’t care if its Zwave/ST or not. I just want motion sensing on 3 way with a detached sensor.

Well in a line there is the master bath, master closet, then laundry room, the switches are between the master/closet and closet/laundry. I always go upstairs to bed and walk through the laundry to the closet. I want to mount the motion somewhere it can be seen from entry into the laundry and while in the closet. When its pitch black its a pain if carrying stuff.

OK got it. I’m not personally familiar with a device like what you’re looking for. However, since the newer generation GE z-wave plus switches have come out, the older generation z-wave switches have been marked down at several retailers (lowes, amazon) so you might be able to pick them up for less than what you priced them at initially.

You’re not going to find a separate motion sensor that is not networked. If it is a stand alone device, it needs a way to communicate with the switch.

Well there was this and it operates with a remote motion sensor, however there is logic built into it to only operate during pitch black and during certain hours since its intended use is outdoors.