ST with Fibaro dimmers - response time? Best DTH?

When moving to my new apt, I am thinking of installing in-wall dimmers.
In lack of available in wall zigbee module dimmers (EU), I am thinking of going for Fibaro dimmers (z-wave)
What is your experience in terms of response time in a automations with ST + Fibaro dimmers?
Which device handlers do you use?

@anon36505037 is in the UK and has now done two full houses with mostly Fibaro kit. He should be able to comment from experience. :sunglasses:

Will try those DTHs.
Do you experience different lags each time you activate a scenario involving 7+ Fibaro units?

How many Units have you installed in total in the home?

I have seen one fibaro house (Fibaro Home center 2 and Fibaro dimmers/switches) where a scenario to turn of all lights takes 2 seconds to complete (ok I think), but directly after the same scenario takes 6 seconds until the last light turn off. Next time again could be a new random result to run the scenario (1, 2 or 3 lights lagging or not)

I run 9 Dimmers in my house with 8 Double switches and a couple of single switches. I have noticed response time increasing slightly as I added more devices, but nothing too bad. I think is a case of getting use to the fact that it is not as instant as the old world of one local switch directly connected to one bulb. I have tried to keep all my actuators (lights and relays) as Z-wave and all my sensors zigbee to reduce the traffic on the Z-wave network. This seems to have helped me keep a very stable network.

38 dimmer 2’s, that is a large house!
Has the reliability in the dimmers been ok? (devices disappearing from the app, or stopped working)
Are you using classic app or new ST app?

Fibaro runs things locally I think, but I think the Z-wave might be slower than zigbee in larger houses from what I have read about the protocols and limitations (e.g. max 4 hops for z-wave mesh, vs max 10 for zigbee).

(In my current apartment, I switch off 7 zigbee lights, sonos, and one fibaro z-wave plug in 1,5 second with ST on the smarthings button switch, same execution speed everytime)

I agree, the instant timing is some years away!
That is a good combo, to plan the home based on the traffic “congestion risk” in the two networks.
What is your estimated response time when executing a scenario with X devices?
Which DTH do you use?

Timing can be Anything from instant to a few seconds, increasing a little with 2, 3 or 4 devices.

DTH I use are the codersaur one for FGD-212, cjcharles0 for the FGS-222 relay and erocm123 for the FGS-213 and FGS-223

Ok thanks, so you also experience the “randomness” (same scenario run after eachother, with different time lags) ?

Yes, now and again. Its one of those things you only notice if you’re looking for it.

Can the generic Z-wave handlers be used with the Fibaro devices once the parameters are set using the custom DTH? That way they run local. Should work for single switch and single dimmer. I don’t think their is a locally running multi switch DTH.

But although a device run local, all automations (except smartlights) runs in the cloud anyway to my knowledge, but maybe someone knows if there is a way to force a automation to run local?

Or maybe the stability or speed in a automation is better if a device is local, although the automation is cloud?

(An advantage is of course that the device itsel (solo local) works if internet goes down, although the automation stops working)

correct, it would only help for smart lighting automations.

work manually, but automations don’t work without internet.

I use the single relay (FGS-212) this way. I set the auto off parameter using the correct DTH and then changed to the generic DTH so everything runs local with smart lighting. For all the others I used the correct DTH as either I want the advanced feats or there are 2 end points.

Agree with Robin on the app. I have never had a device disappear. My Xiaomi have also been very reliable except one that is some distance for the hub. But the fact Xiaomi work at all is a bonus.

Ok, great, thanks,
So at the moment, there are no local DHT for double switches?

you find any local dth for double switches?

I found a new DTH in the web interface, it is called z-wave multichannel device. Have not tried it if it runs local or not.

Yes, but if it runs local I guess it’s official? But I haven’t tried it yet.

So you use the Fibaro Dimmer DTH? (Runs local)
Have you tried the z-wave generic dimmer metering DTH? It also runs local.
Would be interesting to hear about any differences in response time between these two.

The choice of DTH is not the only thing that affects whether the logic runs locally or in the cloud.

For example, you mentioned using scenes in another thread. “Scenes” in smartthings are not the same as zwave scenes, they are part of the wraparound platform logic. (That’s why you can include both Zigbee and Z wave devices in one smartthings scene.)

Last I heard, smartthings scenes did not run locally, they were processed in the cloud. I don’t know if that has changed.

Similarly, if you have automations, only the official smart lighting feature is eligible to run locally. And a few bits of smart home monitor. Everything else runs in the cloud even if all of the DTH‘s are eligible to run locally. All routines from the V2 classic app and all custom automations from the V3 app run in the cloud.

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