ST Secondaty Hub


I have a VeraEdge and I want to keep (A lot of routine and program) but I want to use the interface of TS more WAF and the compatibility with Harmony Logitech Hub.

Do you know if is possible to use TS like a Slave and keep Vera like a Master.

The Vera interface to devellop and TS interface to use.

Thx a lot.

If by “TS” you mean SmartThings, it’s technically possible to add SmartThings as a zwave secondary controller, But support now says that is “strongly discouraged.” And it probably won’t work the way you expect.

In particular, the statuses will be out of sync, so that vera won’t know when SmartThings turned something on and SmartThings won’t know when vera turned something on. That can mess up programming on both sides. :disappointed_relieved:

I have a lot of routine and devices in my Vera.

For the routine with time I can convert manually in the SmartThings but the device I’m afraid the SmartThings are not compatible.

I look the compatibily list ( is very very low.

Example I don’t find :

Zipato Pan08
Fibaro Smoke detector
Fibaro fgr-222 roller shutter
Fibaro FGBS-001 (Universal Sensor)
Devolo Smart Metering Plug
Fibaro Relay Swtich FGS-212
Comet Zwave
Nodon Remote