ST + Multiple Philips HUE Bridges?

I currently have HUE and Lux bulbs, a HUE bridge, and ST Hub.

I also have another Hue bridge that I’m not currently using.

Is there any way to utilize the second Hue bridge within the ST ecosystem? Is it possible to get the bridge to act as a Zigbee repeater (and leave the bulbs connected to the existing bridge)?


Not at this time if you’re using the same account.

Edit: After reading JD’s response I realize I should have clarified that I was referring to using the same Hue account.

You cannot have the bridges act as repeaters but @juano2310 has said that if you install a second instance of the Hue connect app you should be able to add the second bridge to the SmartThings installation. But I don’t know if anyone’s actually tried.

The just released Hue Bridge v2 still has the 50 bulbs limitation. I have 80+ bulbs so I have no choice but to use two bridges. Can someone confirm that ST now supports two bridges properly? Thanks

I tried that with the hub V1, and it didn’t work properly. Either bridge worked random, but never both of them really well. So I gave up, I put all the lights in one bridge (I don’t have more than 50 though), and everything worked well. Hope it helps.

Did you ever get an answer to this? I have 49 bulbs and I’d like to get more.

I have not tried to see if ST had fixed the multiple bridges support, maybe they did. My current workaround is that i have exposed the few bulbs i have on my secondary bridge though IFTTT. It’s an additional layer, but it doesn’t feel less reliable or slower to me… That’s good enough for me until a proper fix is implemented or Phillips release another bridge that supports more bulbs.

That’s what I’ll do if st hasn’t officially fixed it. I also found out, the hard way, that the hue only allows you to use 10 dimmers. Thanks for the quick reply.

Can you elaborate on the ifttt setup?



  1. Expose your secondary Hue bridge to the IFTTT Hue channel
  2. Expose the bulbs you want to be able to control
  3. Add your SmartThing hub to the IFTTT ST channel
  4. Expose a physical or virtual switch
  5. Create two rules in IFTTT that when the switch is turned on/off that the bulbs are turned on/off too

Does that make sense?

Also bought a second bridge and got annoyed as well…but think i found a way around it.
If you have multiple smartapp instances, the username that is fetched when the link is setup is being overwritten in state.username. Inserted a check in the hue smartapp code (template based) that is checking the json response when the username comes back if state is already initialized, seems to work now with more then one instance.
Better way is of course to have multiple bridge support in a single app, should be doable.

I’ve written a Hue app that supports multiple Hue bridges.

Hi, All of a sudden one of my hue bridges is not opening in the app - no groups, bulbs, nothing is coming up just a grayed out option to delete the bridge.

I’ve removed the bridge from the IDE hoping to unlink it from the app, no luck - the bridge is still coming up in the app as linked, but now selecting it is not getting any response. My other bridge is still linked in the app and is working fine.

Is there another way to delete the bridge? Should I uninstall the app and start all over again?