ST Motion Sensor going off every morning

ST Motion Sensor going off every morning at different times, with no one home, thought it may be an issue with furnace kicking on, since its near a vent, per thermostat schedule that doesn’t fit in.

Anything to look for, haven’t had issues in past, should I look at re positioning? Battery shows all good too.


I would be inclined to try a fresh battery. Battery reporting hasn’t been working correctly for a few months.


Unfortunately, quite a few people have reported random flakiness with that brand and model over the last few months, but there is an FAQ on the usual troubleshooting checklist you would do if you weren’t suspecting platform problems. I think it’s still worth the read, but at this point I would say there are probably 20% of problems which won’t fit that list and just seem to be mysterious glitches. :scream:

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Thx, will check on battery and may re position to test prior to that also.

It’s the vent. Happened to me and solved by relocation.