ST Lock for internal door

Does anyone have a recommendation for a ST integrated lock for internal doors?

I’ve looked at Yale Keyfree but the thought of adding a nightlatch to the inside of the door together with the battery pack seems quite clucky somehow.

I’ve also seen that there is an August integration but i think that relies on a Raspberry Pi which I’d prefer to avoid too.

Interested in what people are doing, if anything.


An electronic strike can be a good inexpensive option for interior doors. The visible parts on the door itself are hardly noticeable, although you do have to have a way of disguising the power supply. But that will be on the wall side, so people either just put it in a cabinet or inside the wall, depending on their specific architecture.

If you wanted to have a combination keypad, then you have to add one of those as well separately. And you have to think about what happens if the power or the Internet or the SmartThings cloud is not available.

The benext/zipabox keypad is available in the UK and is quite a nice small device it could be mounted on the wall separate from the door. It doesn’t actually control the doorlock in anyway, it just sends the unlock code to the hub which would then send the unlock instruction to the electric strike.

There is a community – created DTH for the keypad:

Not everyone will want a keypad, but if you don’t have one, you have to think about how the door will be unlocked if the person doesn’t have their phone with them.

Should also mention that if the August would work with your current door lock, you can also consider the similar-looking Danalock Z wave model which does work directly with SmartThings. Reviews haven’t been great on it, but it might be worth trying.

The reviews for the V2 version of this lock which was released in 2016 have been better than the original, so that’s good.

Make sure you get the Z wave version, there’s also a Bluetooth only version which will not work with smart things.