ST Hub2 Keeps Losing Belkin WeMo Outlets

Apologies if this has been addressed. My ST Hub V2 keeps dropping my WeMo outlets. The outlets paired properly with the new hub and have been working for a few days, but now keep dropping offline within ST. I can still control them through the WeMo app, so I know they are functioning properly and still on my network.

I have not tried Excluding them from ST, then adding them back to ST. I first wanted to see if anyone had some insight into this issue.

Many thanks in advance.

FYI, my system is a ST V2 hub controlling early-mode Belkin WeMo oulets. The outlet firmware is up to date. WeMo and ST apps running on iOS iPhone 6.

Have you assigned the outlets static IP addresses?

It not, I’d start there as it’s the first thing Belkin recommends. Either way you should and remove the devices from SmartThings completely. Uninstall the WeMo (Connect) SmartApp and reinstall it from scratch.


Hi. I have the same thing happening on my v1 hub.
I am using the pollster app and let it refresh every 30mins. This does the trick.

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Thanks. What Pollster app are you using? I can’t find a SmartThings related Pollster app at GitHub. Appreciate a pointer the proper code. Many thanks.

Try this link and go to post 53.

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