ST Hub v3 periodically slow performance

I have a v3 ST Hub that lately has been performing poorly during random intervals. It’s like there is periodically a lag in the system. Pressing buttons on the same time of day different days might either produce lightning fast response or lag up to 10 seconds for the command to be carried out. It seems to affect every device in the ZB network. It doesn’t seem to be as present when using app to control units, so it’s more a ZB button to Light command issue.

I first thought it was interference from my routers and moving it solved the issue for a while but it returns after a week. It seems like as the ZB network stabilizes it becomes sluggish.
Is there any way to monitor and problem solve this? I’ve installed as many edge drivers as I can.

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I have the same problem after swap from V2 hub to V3. Very annoying.

This is an old post and its been alot better since so not an issue

Den lör 27 maj 2023 13:57jkp via SmartThings Community <> skrev:

In my case, this is still a problem. I have the latest software, and 30 drivers installed. I had no such delays in V2. Really annoying.