ST Hub to replace all? (UK)

Brand new here
I’m from the uk. I have hive setup and working great for years (heating,lights & switches)
I also have lifx lights but they are very temperamental so was thinking of switching to hue lights. I also would like a new auto ikea blind.
I don’t want or know how I would attach 3 separate proprietary hubs / bridges
Would the ST hub replace my existing hive and work with the hue and ikea in the future
Also do the original apps and Alexa work

Alexa works well with SmartThings. I’m not sure what you mean by the “original apps.“ If you mean the individual apps from each manufacturer, those typically do require their own bridge/gateway.

You would still need the Phillips hue bridge. Although it is technically possible to connect the hue bulbs directly to smartthings, it tends to cause problems with your home automation network. You would also need to use the Phillips hue bridge if you want to use their app or any other third-party integrations.

FAQ: Do I need the Hue Bridge/Hub to Use a Hue Bulb with SmartThings?

A good alternative if you want something that doesn’t require an additional bridge are the Ikea Tradfri smart bulbs. When purchased directly from IKEA, they are quite inexpensive and although the product description may say they need their own gateway, you can use the smartthings hub instead. :sunglasses: You would then be using the smartthings app, not the IKEA app.

Most of the hive zigbee devices can be joined directly to a smartthings hub, but they may require custom code. But there have been quite a few community members in the UK who use them. you do need to check if the specific models that you want to use will work, though. And again you would then be using the smartthings app, not the hive app.

Thanks JF for your speedy reply. I thought it would be much more plug n play

To be more plug and play, you have to stick with the devices that have official integrations. And even then, some will require their own bridge/hub. And Hive is not on the list.