ST Hub Outbound UDP Connections to on Port 9

Why is my hub sending datagrams to on port 9?

UDP> is owned by Cloudflare and provides DNS services.

It is one of the most reliable DNS services, so I’m not surprised Samsung is using it.

Port 9 is not DNS.

PORT 9 – Information

Port Number: 9
Delivery: No
Protocol / Name: discard
Port Description: Discard. Port equiv to /dev/null. Reads pkts, then discards them. Allows knowledge the host is alive and processing pkts. Used while trouble-shooting local stack’s transmit ability (telnet to discard on remote host, knowing all transmitted keystrokes will just be discarded. no worry of corrupting host processes). No threat, but block on hosts and perimeter network devices as general rule.

So is my ST hub’s stack having trouble transmitting and that is why it is sending these datagrams?

No idea.

Samsung doesn’t share any details of the internal Hub operations.

Check your Live Logging and Hub Event History. Or contact Support.