ST Hub/devices all work, then drop off one by one

Interestingly enough, one of the two thermostats (closet to the hub) has reconnected itself and is giving a proper reading. Haven’t fiddled with anything in several hours.


Was able to bring everything back online last night.

Turned off Device Update earlier today. Rebuilt Zwave network many times (~15). Two or three times before the thermostat came back online, the rest after. Also used the “refresh” button in the classic app which brought them back one by one.

Only concern is one door is reporting a dead battery when I’ve just changed them, feeding my suspicion that there may be some connectivity issue with that one device that has cascaded.

Plan to go to the house tomorrow night - good chance to monitor things before then.

I would make a list and map of what devices are zwave and which are repeaters as well as which are zigbee and zigbee repeaters. Make note that the repeaters only repeat a single protocol (except for a properly setup Iris 3210-L pocketsocket). And plan the physical location of the various repeaters to maximize the mesh.

Also note that 2.4 gHz wifi can interfere with zigbee, so physical location of the hub in relation to your router AND the 2.4gHz channel and zigbee channel can result in zigbee mesh interference. I am not familiar with all of your devices and their protocols so that is why you need to make an inventory.

I believe most experienced users would support the idea that you can not have too many repeaters, and success of failure depends on a robust mesh networks (zwave AND zigbee ) if you have devices of each protocol.

Madisonriver - I appreciate and understand the “never too many” approach.

However, given that the system worked perfectly under Iris, is there any logical reason to assume that all of a sudden using ST, the system would fail for that reason?

The only change would be the hub and its own protocols.

I can empathize. Bottom line is you now have a different hub, I am unfamiliar with the Iris hub, obviously they aren’t identical in construction and implementation. It should be in bold lettering that this is not "plug and play ".

All I can add is I went through your exact same issues, various sensors and devices would drop off, reappear and eventually drop off for good. I’m 2000 plus miles away so I had months to think about it and research what I had done incorrectly between infrequent visits. I did a lot of reading here, and was able to diagnose what I had previously overlooked, in my case , a weak and improperly deployed mesh networks.

Happy to report that, and at the risk of jinxing myself, have been fully operational since Sunday. No dropouts since replacing some door batteries (that I think were originally drained because of zwave malfunction).

Only significant changes were turning off device health and rebuilding the zwave network many many times.

Fingers crossed we continue operating!

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