ST, HIVE & Alexa

Has anyone connected Hive to smartthings via Alyc100’s code (big thank you!)

Wondered what routines etc you’ve setup?

And can this then be used with Alexa… what commands are useful versus with Hive skill directly

A couple of benefits I see are:

  • One app to control ST items and HIVE
  • Ability to set boost to any time increment

Wondered if (and how) i’d create a routine to do the following:
If X (certain conditions are met - eg home), if hive temp falls to 0.1’C of the target temp set 10min boost, then wait another 10mins before boosting again.

(the reason for doing this is our heating is really powerful and a 30min boost ends up getting the house far to hot and stuffy, I have adjusted the TRVs BUT in the morning i want full power to heat the house up as we don’t use the heating at night)

Any help is appreciated - thanks