Hive thermostat support?

Is Hive integration possible with ST?

Excellent, thanks adeparker, that’s now persuaded me to get hive!

No prob @Wazzag. I’d be interested to hear your feedback on Hive ( and ST integration) after you’ve had it for a couple of months.

I’m undecided between Nest and Hive myself so would be good to hear your opinion

I’ve had Hive since it launched and it’s great. Really useful for turning off the heating when you are away on holiday and the app and website make it really easy to set up schedules.

My only criticism was it’s a sealed system - nothing else can access it. No IFTTT, no ST and (understandably) no Echo.

But that ST device type works a treat; I’ve been using it for a month or so. Now I have IFTTT and even my home-made Echo can handle commands like “make my living room warmer/cooler”.

I also have a “working from home” activity that is triggered if my phone is present at 9am, which turns on the heating with a notification - very handy.