British Gas Hive, Smartthings and Alexa

I have got Hive heating, and boiler control, smartthings, and an Amazon Echo Dot.

I have setup the Hive (Connect) V.2.3 control in smartthings (which is excellent)

For most things I have alexa just turning things on and off through smartthings.

Now that I want to control my thermostat should I get alexa to talk directly to the hive hub, or should I get it to go through smartthings to talk to Hive?

I don’t think Alexa can control the Hive heating via SmartThings. My control disappeared the day the Hive Skill came out on Alexa - it’s like it will only allow Hive thermostats to use the Alexa skill.

My Hive works perfect on SmartThings but Alexa simply won’t discover it any more.

If you find a way; I’d be interested too as the Hive Skill is beyond a joke - doesn’t work.