[ST EDGE] Z-Wave Sensor Driver Channel - including specific Ecolink, FortrezZ, HomeSeer, Monoprice and Zooz models

I live in Germany, so I think this is not easy to loan that Sensor.

I guess I will wait. Maybe Sometimes in future there will be an Driver

So, what does ‘configuration parameters and associations group 2’ mean in laymen terms?

I’m asking since I’m currently using the Ecolink Zwave Plus sensor with an external Zooz ZAC98 relay that is connected to the Ecolink sensor’s two internal contact posts. This makes the Ecolink sensor more of a switch than a contact. So I’m wondering if there’s any way to change it from a contact to a switch.

Any updates on availability of ZFM80 edge driver?

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I’m surprised I haven’t found anything for the Monoprice Motion Sensor 014F-2002-0203
zw:S type:2001 mfr:014F prod:2002 model:0203 ver:4.84 zwv:3.67 lib:06 cc:71,85,80,72,30,86,31,70,84

This one has motion, temp, tamper, battery.
I have another that looks physically the same but no temp.
Will this work with any drivers you have created?

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@csstup, I’m also interested in an edge driver for the ZFM-80.

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Will this work with this device, or can it be added?
HomeSeer HS-FLS100 Z-Wave Plus Floodlight Sensor (GEN 2) https://a.co/d/1Pftclp


I echo the request for a driver for ZFM80.

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I’ll follow up with the ZFM80 support. I believe the development is done, just needs to be integrated and tested.

It’s not supported by these drivers currently. The FLS100 is oddball enough that I would want to have access to one to test locally before attempting anything. Homeseer devices can be challenging IMO.

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@csstup, sounds great. If you’re in touch with RemoteTec Support, is there a chance you could ask if they’re working on an edge driver for the REMOTEC Z-WAVE-TO-AV IR EXTENDER ZXT-310 US?

Not in touch with anyone from Remotec. I just meant I’ll followup on getting support integrated into Phil and my driver.

Ah, OK. Thanks.

If I buy one on Amazon and ship it to you, would you add it along with the G1 version ( no temp sensor)? The interest is little so far and HS seems to offer only placations, not status updates. I could also just send you a gift card for the device, whatever is more comfortable.

Just let me know :grin:

Edit: clarity


Great work on the driver. I just moved my Tilt sensors over to finish my migration to Edge.

I also have a Monoprice 4-1 sensor which I migrated to this driver a few weeks ago. The 4-1 tile is not updating the battery level. All the other values are being updated -Temp, Humidity, Illuminance, but the battery has not changed since I migrated. When I click into the tile the values are all updated.

To clarify, you’re saying the summary view (tiles with all the devices) is not matching the detail view (after clicking the device)? Which is view is correct?

I’m thinking this is a bug in the app or presentation itself. We’re just using the standard attributes, not anything custom.

Is there any documentation for the Zwave Association tool? Do we install and then do discovery to add the tool?

The detail view is correct.

For fun, close the app and delete the app’s cache. No idea how it would pick “20%” to show as a value vs just no data, or the data from another field…

The 20% was the battery level when I adopted the sensor.

Unistalled/reinstalled and the summary is now updated. Probably an IOS app failure.

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Glad you figured it out. I was also going to suggest checking my.smartthings.com to compare.

When you suggested the cache clear I went to my.smartthings.com to compare, saw it was correct there, so it had to be the app.

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