[ST Edge] Virtual Things Edge Driver

Hi @DaWeav ,

vThermostat fixes were published.

  1. Added settings to allow user to specify temperature scale and offset
  2. When setting cooling and heating points, use user specified scale

Driver version:

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Set it to fahrenheit and changing the temp works now. Than you.



Any update regarding this issue?
Is it related only to custom capabilities?
Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Does the temperature and/or the temp/humidity not work yet? I cant seem to create them but can create a switch.

Sorry, those are not implemented yet. You can see the list of supported devices in the top post.

It seems there is an issue with supportedValues field in capability presentation, that’s why you see the options that are not yet implemented.

@nayelyz could you please elaborate about supportedValues issue, have you been able to reproduce it?

Only with custom capabilities, I already pinged the responsible team to see if there are any updates but I haven’t received feedback yet.

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Thanks for your help and quick feedback.

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Hello Yakov, could you please add weather device to the virtual devices

As we are moving to Edge drivers it would be nice to have Edge Weather device, and current weather routines missing many important capabilities like illuminance and humidity

Currently I am using Darksky groovy driver, but I think it would be not a difficult to create a lua app that makes https requests to the service and publish ST events as you have most of the capabilities implemented.


    "latitude": 59.9408365,
    "longitude": 10.7743212,
    "timezone": "Europe/Oslo",
    "currently": {
        "time": 1658225193,
        "summary": "Partly Cloudy",
        "icon": "partly-cloudy-day",
        "precipIntensity": 0,
        "precipProbability": 0,
        "temperature": 22.46, <<
        "apparentTemperature": 22.46,
        "dewPoint": 11.27,
        "humidity": 0.49, <<
        "pressure": 1017.8, <<
        "windSpeed": 1.51,
        "windGust": 2.01,
        "windBearing": 168,
        "cloudCover": 0.53, <<
        "uvIndex": 5, <<
        "visibility": 16.093,
        "ozone": 304.7
    "flags": {
        "sources": [
        "meteoalarm-license": "Based on data from EUMETNET - MeteoAlarm [https://www.meteoalarm.eu/]. Time delays between this website and the MeteoAlarm website are possible; for the most up to date information about alert levels as published by the participating National Meteorological Services please use the MeteoAlarm website.",
        "nearest-station": 3.363,
        "units": "si"
    "offset": 2

Hi @veonua

I think the hub blocks any connections outside of LAN. So, the drivers are unable to access external websites.
One way to workaround this is to install a proxy server on your LAN to forward the requests to external website, but I think it would be too complicated for an average user.

Dark sky shuts access to its api March 23rd 2023

yes I read that when was looking for the API docs.
Any options from Samsung to get the weather data as a device.

@TAustin has already made EdgeBridge server for cases just like this one. Not too complicated but takes a bit of effort though.

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Oddly for such a big company Samsung dont seem to have a native weather app or API to a weather forecast

SmartThings make weather obs and forecasts available in the coordinate endpoint of the API. I think you may be able to subscribe to some stuff in apps but I can’t check easily as the API reference has been almost unusable for months now.

Not devices though.

there are many scenarios where outdoor data is very useful.

such as synchronizing light with ambient light,

  • monitoring of electricity consumption and indoor temperature depending on the outdoor temperature.

  • reminder to close the windows before leaving if rain is forecast

I think for weather it would be more natural to create ST Schema connector that would query external data provider and feed it into ST.
Have no idea yet how actually to do it though.

Hi @nayelyz

Any news regarding supportedValues issue with custom capabilities?

Hi! It’s the same situation as the issue with the refresh. No updates yet, so, I also pinged the team in that report.

Could there be virtual device that runs as a counter that counts how many times something has happened?

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Hi @ygerlovin

I have been trying out your driver for virtual devices and have also been working with @lmullineux on testing his Harmony driver for 2 hub setups.

One thing which would be great is a virtual device, similar to your momentary button which allows you to choose a device to control when pressed

It would then allow a user to have an understanding of state, so for harmony it would be a good way to control activities, or if you wish to use a camera to turn on movement notifications you could see what state the device is in.

Thanks for your time