[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

Hi guys ! Someone else having trouble with devices created stoping to work?

Here all stoped (lights, switches and fans)

Solved rebooting ST Hub.

@hb_k @RebelMagpie

ALL - There were some of you reporting problems getting the Creator device created (or re-created). Thanks to @animarcs and @nayelyz help, we got the SmartThings engineering team to diagnose this and we hopefully now have a fix. (There was a timeout occurring within the platform that needed to be extended). So if you could not get the Creator device created, please try again and hopefully it will work.

Thank you for your patience!


Thanks Todd. I can confirm that it is now working again.

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I have had a couple of vEdge virtual switches that have stopped working when trying to turn them on from an automation. I tried rebooting the hub but they still didn’t work. I deleted them and created new vEdge switches and these worked ok. One of the new switches has now stopped working again. Any thoughts anyone?

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I’ve seen the same thing with simple ignition programming “Every day at 6” hasn’t worked for a few days. Today I created a new one, I will keep you updated.

Hi - are you still having the problem? If so, it would be helpful if you could get some logs from the driver so I can see what may be causing the problem. You’ll need the SmartThings CLI, which you can download and install for Windows here. If you have Mac or Linux, there are install files for those platforms as well.

Direct message me for more guidance on installing it and generating the logs.

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tomorrow morning I’ll see if the automatic activation of the virtual device works. :crossed_fingers:

I installed this, it worked for a fine until I went to delete a device and now my hub is seemingly bricked. It isn’t showing anymore in app or IDE and is alternating blue/green solid colours on the front. Not sure if this caused the problem, but I haven’t changed anything on this device for years!

Yikes. Have you tried rebooting your hub?

Hi, can you please, add TV icon option to the virtual switch?

@Pyrylamo you can use a virtual TV

you solved? i was having the same problems with a virtual switch automatically turning on at 6am. i tried clicking to look at the logs and everything was o today i changed the turn on time to 7:35 and now it work
It definitely wasn’t a virtual drive issue. Maybe problems on SmartThings. Stay tuned, tomorrow i update you :face_with_peeking_eye::sweat_smile:

I am now of the opinion that it is nothing to do with the virtual switch/driver itself. I have found that if I manually turn the switch on and off in Smartthings once every few days or so it works perfectly after that. It would appear that Smartthings seems to ‘forget’ the switch in some way??

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Given the unreliability of the SmartThings mobile app itself, it can be difficult to determine what’s really going on sometimes. The dashboard can show the wrong value, Controls screen fields may not update correctly, and history might not be updating or missing. Probably the best way to confirm what the system really has as the current state value is to use my API Browser+ or the CLI to inspect the state values for the device.


Are there any devices that can allow simplifying Google Home automations. Like how there’s Alexa switches?

What would you like to do? I normally use virtual switches. Not everything works

I want to set it up so that when I arm or disarm google will see that and run an automation to activate the eufy security same state. Then a second component that I could use to allow Google to toggle the switch. Google Home cannot see contact sensors for whatever reason in automations.

vEdge creator supports a lot of different types of virtual devices. Have you tried a different device other than a contact sensor?

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I have but the point was the Alexa switch has on/off for actions and a contact sensor for condition. I was hoping for similar solution for Google home