[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

So essentially it doesn’t matter… “On” would be the same as “Open”, “Off” is “Closed”?

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I suspect so. I haven’t actually tested it, but that would logically make sense to me. :slight_smile:

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Thanks I’ll give it a shot.

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@joshua_lyon is right. You use the switch to open & close the contact. The driver automatically syncs them.


Just for statistics, and I have no problem to report:
maybe 10h hours is not enough to get everything updated, i don’t know, i checked, the drive was updated to the latest version, but the device creator was still at 2.3 with no new virtual devices available. (I had never deleted the creator). Deleted and searched again, now I have 2.9 with all the new features.

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That worked! I reinstalled and then deleted and rescanned and re-added the Creator device. I see the new device types I added one of the new device types and it worked without issue…

Ahh… just caught your comment relating to uninstalling/reinstalling existing VEdge Creator Devices. Tried it on a new install and it worked !

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Hello @TAustin, would you be able to add a virtual clock as well? Is it even doable?

Example of use case: I have a turbine connected to a smart dimmer switch that I use to heat upstairs bedrooms. The turbine blows hot air from the wood stove.
I have temperature sensors in each bedroom that act as a thermostat to control the turbine using Mariano_Colmenarejo’s “Edge Driver Zigbee Temp Sensor and Thermostat Mc” and I have routines to change the thermostat’s mode to start working at the beginning of the night and stop at around 3am because the fire eventually dies and I don’t want to blow cold air into the bedrooms, obviously.
When it gets really cold outside like last night (-32ºC) and tomorrow (-40ºC), I get up at night to add more wood in the stove to keep it running, but I have to manually change the stop time of the virtual thermostat in the routines to keep the turbine running a few more hours. It’s a bit of a pain, especially at night when I’m half asleep, to find the routines burried in all the others to change the stop time, or doing it with some non-elegant hackery to make it more automated. I’d also like the wife to be able to do it herself, and she’s far from being tech-savy. Having a virtual clock would be so much more convenient.

Thanks a lot for this driver btw, it’s a real lifesaver since I can no longer use webcore.

I use a standard virtual switch in a similar way. I want to modify certain devices’ behaviors during “Nighttime”. So, I have a virtual switch that gets turned on at 10pm and then gets turned off at sunset and that virtual switch is added as a precondition in routines for those devices. So, the general routine syntax goes something like:

If “Nighttime” is on (pre-condition)
if motion is detected by device
perform some actions

If “Nighttime” is on (pre-condition)
if button is pressed on device
perform some different actions

By using the state of the virtual device as a pre-condition, you only need to change the routine(s) for when that device is turned on/off vs having to go into each routine to change any time-bounding defined in those routines.

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In addition to @h0ckeysk8er’s suggestion, there is a counter/duration driver I have that might be of use to you. You could use it to build automations that trigger after x number of seconds/minutes/hours.

This driver (Edge Counter Utility V1), is available on my shared projects channel here , and discussion can be found in this topic . And here is an example of its use.


I also use the Edge Counter Utility to generate a looping effect to check if doors or gates are still open at a recurring set interval (e.g. every 15 mins). By resetting the duration to zero every time the routine to check the open/close sensor status for a device runs, it will keep checking the sensor status indefinitely until the Counter Utility device is turned off.


I’ve never had any issues at all with creating devices but now this pops up.
Any ideas?


See this post regarding recent driver update.

If this doesn’t resolve on its own within a hour or two, then delete the creator device (only) and recreate it with an Add device / Scan for nearby devices action in the mobile app.

Please confirm back that you are functional again.


As Tod mentioned upthread, you need to update your creator (the latest version is 2.9). You can wait for it to happen eventually, but the easiest thing is to just delete the creator (none of your already-created devices will be affected) and then do a scan for new devices. It should pop right up.

edit: Yeah, what he said. :smile_cat:

Thanks guys. I’ll have a look. :+1:

I could make some rules using SharpTools ! Awesome tool. It works perfectly…only issue : I can read in SharpTools logs arrors when setting Thermostat capabilities after 1 day !
Maybe token is expired ?
I noticed that my smartthings devices are read successfully (ex : my sensor temperature), but I set Thermostat temperature+ target temp I have an error.

Is there a way to increase this token time ?
Any other way to figure out what is this error related to ?
I don’t have any details in SharpTools…only “error”. Not helping much.
As said previously, error is happening every 24h.

Send a note to support@sharptools.io and we can take a closer look with you. :slight_smile:

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Just sent a mail. Hope they will fix.

Thanks! Already responded! At surface glance, it doesn’t appear to be the same issue, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out with a bit more discussion. :smiley:

I have loaded Your WLED device creator. Do you have instructions on how to set it up and link it to working WLED controllers?