[ST Edge] vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users

Thank you very much! Yes I have already switched to 2 and then I deleted the 1. Now I have the latest version :+1: thanks.

Thanks a lot for this driver.

I’m using window shade and works perfectly with the open and close controls. Would it make sense to have also stop control?


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There is a pause command that is supported by the standard windowShade capability, and I could try adding it. It’s curious that it doesn’t show at all on the device details GUI, but maybe it will show up if I add support for it.

I’m planning on a vEdge update soon so I’ll see about adding this. Even if it doesn’t have the control on the GUI, it should still be able to be set via automations.


This may be somewhere in the previous almost 500 posts but I’ve not had time to read them all.

I’ve installed and created some sensors etc - can I use these sensors in STHM? I just get no sensors connected when I click on it and I can’t find a way to get it to find the ones I’ve made.

Was hoping someone more familiar with STHM might have answered your question. I don’t really use it, so am not sure. I thought I’ve seen posts by folks saying they have used them with STHM but maybe that was through automation routines.

I see what you mean about the vEdge motion or smoke devices not being listed to select from within the STHM setup screens. Maybe Edge devices aren’t supported yet?

I have one of your virtual edge smoke detectors connected to STHM, and it works.

I can confirm the motion sensor works. I’m using both the vEdge motion and LAN motion as part of my STHM.

Hope this helps!

@Rodd62 @Paul_Oliver

But how did you get those devices added to STHM? Are they showing up in the list of devices to pick from in the STHM setup screens? They don’t on my iOS app.

@Brewer86 what mobile app are you using?

I am using an Android phone and they show up in the list of devices you can use in STHM. I just added 1 of your virtual motion detectors to STHM without any problems.

I was just corresponding with some one on IOS that could not connect the motion from a Ring Camera to STHM. I can do it with no problem on Android.
So maybe it is an IOS problem.

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I was just checking mine again and I DO get vEdge motion sensors listed in the Security device setup list, but I don’t get a vEdge smoke detector listed in the Smoke device setup list. I actually have no ‘real’ Smoke detectors, so the screen is blank and only lets me turn on or off the switch for ‘Use all smoke detectors’.

@nayelyz Please advise if this is something that needs to be reported as an issue or if I/we are doing something wrong in STHM device setup?

I just created a virtual smoke detector and added it to STHM. Again using an Android phone.

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As you and Paul both confirmed, I get motion sensors (Front Sim is vEdge and R2D2 Cam is LAN).

I have first alert zwave smoke detectors and have not messed around with any virtual ones. I’m on Android and I’m happy to test as needed.


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Virtual Smoke shows up

Thanks. Looks like Andriod is not a problem, so at this point we need someone on iOS to see if they can get virtual smoke detectors included in STHM.

Todd go and check that gear

Select Security

Select any Setup Armed

And you should get option to select motion sensors

You should be getting list of all motion sensors there.
On my list 6 of them are your vEdge motion sensors, just renamed

Thanks I get the motion sensors listed, just not the smoke detectors.

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Mine was on iOS, but it was a bigger problem with SmartThings not recognising any sensors, real or virtual. I stumbled across a community post that suggested deleting STHM and reinstalling it, and it all works perfectly. Thanks though.


This is weird, I created a LAN device that uses the smokeDetector capability and it appears in the STHM. The option of “Use all Smoke Detectors” must be inactive to see the other page. Is there where your device doesn’t appear?

If so, can you share the profile ID that your device is using, please?
Just to confirm, have you recently re-installed the STHM?

Well interestingly… my virtual smoke detector now shows when I select the STHM View sensors for Smoke. It could be the app update I got today… or this: Before I checked STHM, I went to my virtual smoke detector and ‘exercised’ it, meaning I flipped a switch which triggered the state to smoke detected and back off again. Maybe Smartthings didn’t consider it fully initialized before that?? (It had not ever been triggered before that)

That said however, if I actually go into Set up Smartthings Home Monitor, select Smoke, then Set up smoke detectors, there are no smoke detectors listed. If I toggle off that switch for “Use all smoke detectors” I still get nothing shown. You mention it has to be inactive “to see the other page”, but on my app, there is no other page.