[ST Edge] Roku Driver

Hi @TAustin
I have tcl tv with Android tv I guess. Not Roku.
Is it possible to get it control also? Maybe I can provide you info.


I’m currently working on a Googlecast driver does it support that?


Do you have any plans for Google Chromecast Audio?

I think that is the same thing, isn’t it?

Austin, that is great to hear! Will you announce it here? is the purpose of the driver more of a sensor providing info on the chromecast or will it have any functionality?


Discussion regarding my Edge Google Cast driver is taking place in this other topic for now.

It is a port of an existing DTH driver and requires another package to be running on a local computer, so it is probably of primary interest to the legacy driver users.

It is not as robust as the Roku driver, in that you can’t really have full control over a Chromecast device (launch Netflix, emulate keys, etc.). But it can pause/play/stop currently running media and show what is currently playing. Its usefulness is more of a speaker controller for compatible Google Cast speakers like the Google Assistant devices (Nest mini, etc.)

I am trying to use your driver to find a Insignia 5315X, Roku TV and I am running into the following problems:

  1. I installed your driver but it doesn’t find the TV after many tries at scanning nearby, turning the TV on and off, and restarting the TV. I am on the same network as the hub (v2). I am only running Edge Drivers and c2c integrations. No Groovy.

  2. The driver version I get from your channel is Roku Driver v0.1b 2022-6-6 not Roku Driver v0.7 Driver Version: 2022-12-16T17:30:17.358698737

The following is from your lan device monitor:

EDIT: I found version v0.7 on your test channel, but it did NOT change anything.

I see this driver version in your test channel but not in the shared channel. Will it be pushed to the shared channel eventually?

Yes, I was hoping the mediaControls would have been fixed by now by SmartThings but they haven’t. So despite that and a couple other things I will be updating the version to 1.0 and moving it to the regular shared channel.

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Paul - are you able to run logs with the CLI?

It’s helpful that you found that the LAN Device Monitor driver was able to find it, which says it’s answering multicast search requests. However, it is also possible that the monitor driver may be preventing that device from being created again due to the device UUID being used for the device_network_id. If you can temporarily delete that device from the LAN Device Monitor, try a discovery again to see if the Roku driver can find it and create a device.

If that doesn’t help, we will probably need some logs to see what’s happening.

I am out right now. We I get back I will follow your steps and get you CLI logs.

Wanted to let everyone know I’ve pushed out a minor update to the driver that fixed a problem that @Paul_Oliver found when there is no device location configured through the Roku app. The symptom was not being able to discover his device.

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I’ve read reread both threads before posting. Which of the sticks if any will wake TV via HDMI CEC?

Edit: second question, if so can a device be used to trigger the power to come on through a routine?

Installed the Roku driver and works great with smart things. I’m trying to integrate it with action tiles, it shows up under devices in AT in Hub/Location but does not show when I try to add a hub tile for it.

Thanks for your work on this. I have 3 TVs - 2 TCL Roku TVs and 1 LG TV with a Roku Ultra box (updated 2022 version). The two Roku TVs work well, no issues. The third LG TV with Roku Ultra has a problem turning on. It will turn off without issue but I get an error trying to turn it on. The message reads “A network or server error occurred. Try again later.” I have 2 hubs and there was no change in behavior when I put the LG on one hub and the other 2 on their own hub. My Roku Ultra doesn’t have a “fast start” option as mentioned in some other posts. Any suggestions or is there any more info I can provide?

I don’t think there is a way to have this turn on a non-Roku TV. You would need to find an LG TV ST integration.

Sorry, I failed to state that my Roku power button on the Roku remote controls the LG TV. My Roku integration in Home Assistant will do this. This edge driver will work to turn the TV off, but not on.

Update: Although the Roku power off does turn the TV off, I do get the same network error previously stated when I try to turn it on in ST. However, instead of selecting the off option in ST, if I select the option “select a keypress” and choose the “Power Off” option, it turns the TV off and doesn’t throw the network error message. ST still shows the Roku as being on, which technically it is.

To fix the power on problem, I turned the “1-touch play” option on under the Roku menu “Settings/System/Control other devices” so now when I press any Roku command such as the Home key in ST, it will turn the TV on and no error message on startup. That gets me where I want to be.

I’m glad you reported this and thanks for the follow up. I’d like to understand what is happening when you are getting that network error - it is probably happening because the Roku is in fact turning off and never sending back an update. This may be something I need to adjust in the driver code.

Would it be possible for you to get some log output using the SmartThings CLI?

Thanks for the reply. I’ve taken two logfiles and DM’d them to you.

On another issue I’ve encountered, I am unable to set a media app to run using either a ST automation, a ST scene, or a rule in SharpTools. The ST Roku interface works well to “Play a favourite”, but not in an automation or scene. The only workaround I’ve come up with is to use the select a key “right” and “down” multiple times to navigate to the media app I want to play. Since you can’t select the same device multiple times in a ST automation or script, I have to do this in SharpTools. For example, I want the TV to start playing “ABC News Live” when I leave the house, but I’m unable to do so unless I use SharpTools to navigate to the app by selecting “left” and “down” until I get to the app and then “select” that app.


I have premier roku on samsung tv, that can be turned on. It automatically turns tv on. Tv needs to have HDMI-CEC capability.
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