[ST Edge] device Vision ZP3112US not reporting motion

Finally started manually trying out Edge drivers and this one has me stuck.
A 4 in 1 sensor, MFG ID 0109, type 2021, ID 2101. It’s connected to the hub and currently using the driver from SmartThings Drivers (Beta) channel. It is regularly reporting temp/humidity/illuminance but never reports motion.
I’ve also tried drivers from Mariano and Philh30 with similar results.

Where do I start to figure this out?

I’d post in the topic for each of those authors’ drivers and see what they respond.

I"ve got that sensor set up with Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc driver and it is reporting motion. I have noticed the motion doesn’t seem to reset very quickly, but since I only use temp/humidity I haven’t bothered Mariano about it.